Two dental implant patients tell us their experience

Today we receive a married couple in our clinic that has lived the Flytodent experience. In this case, the two received dental implants treatment to replace a tooth that they had lost years ago.

What does this treatment consist of? The main objective is to restore the absences of natural dental pieces, facilitating chewing and improving their oral aesthetics.

Jean M. has waited thirty years to get his first dental implants, we asked him what made him change his mind and come to Flytodent.

“I started to feel that my gums were getting narrower and that I only ate on the right side of my mouth where I was not missing any teeth. This was causing my teeth on the right side to be much more worn out”.

We can affirm that this is a case that clearly comes from not replacing missing teeth. The shape of the dental arch changes and the gums are weakened so it’s easier to cause damage to the gums.

Mr. Jean told us that his biggest fear was that at his age he could not solve his problem, he had also heard that this procedure is painful and does not guarantee the success of the implant, at this moment he decided to do a research and found our web page and now he tell us the process.

“My wife and I were thinking about all the possibilities until we reached the Flytodent page, we saw that it was a 4-step process, in which we could easily ask for a budget for our treatment (which we received in 24h), we met our dentist through a videoconference in which we could give all the details and we received the recommendations of who would later perform the treatment, and incredibly, we were ready to travel to Valencia, get to know the city and recover our healt”.

Through the videoconference we were able to clarify the doubts of Mr. and Mrs. M. The dental implants have no age limit, by making a previous diagnosis, our specialists can improve the life quality of any patient, in addition, it’s a painless procedure performed with titanium materials that completely reduce allergies or rejections.

In this process we also include a visit to the City of Valencia, in which the patient can enjoy the culture, the beach and the gastronomy of our city.

We wanted to know if Mr. M. had a good time while they finished their treatment and they surprised us with the details of their visit.

“We are delighted to be able to enjoy a few days in Valencia, we have been impressed by the Flytodent team’s management during the whole process. Above all, taking into account our treatment, they recommended the most appropriate restaurants where we could take pleasure of the Valencian gastronomy, we were able to choose among the most outstanding hotels and we didn’t have to worry about transport “.

At Flytodent we offer the best service to our clients, providing partner dentists for treatment maintenance, 24h customer support, transportation, catering and accommodation as well as other services such as Spa & Relax and city guides to make the most of the experience.

We are very happy to continue growing, our team of specialists makes the difference and that is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. Do not think about it, now is the time to take care of your mouth health!